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Transformers Generations
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Name Japanese Name Size Class Notes Original Price ($) Links:-
Generations: Power of the Primes
Vector Prime & Metalhawk   Prime Master      
Cloudburst & Micronus Prime   Prime Master      
Landmine & Alpha Trion   Prime Master      
Beachcomber   Legend      
Windcharger   Legend      
Dinobot Slash   Legend      
Outback   Legend Redeco of Titans Return Autobot Brawn    
Tailgate   Legend Redeco of Windcharger    
Autobot Jazz   Deluxe      
Dinobot Slug   Deluxe Based on G1 1985 Slag    
Dinobot Swoop   Deluxe Based on G1 1985 Swoop    
Dinobot Snarl   Deluxe Based on G1 1985 Snarl    
Dinobot Sludge   Deluxe Based on G1 1985 Sludge    
Novastar   Deluxe      
Moonracer   Deluxe      
Grimlock   Voyager Based on G1 1985 Grimlock    
Elita-1   Voyager Retool of Voyager Starscream    
Inferno   Voyager Redeco & remould of Combiner Wars Hot Spot    
Rodimus Prime   Leader Evolution Rodimus Prime. Similar to MP-9, this set contains Autobot Hot Rod who has a vehicle mode and robot mode. This combines with Rodimus Primes trailer to form Rodimus Primes robot and vehicle mode.    
Optimus Prime   Leader Evolution Optimus Prime. Orion Pax transforms into tractor trailer cab and combines with the trailer to become Optimus Prime.    
Optimus Primal   Leader      

Name Japanese Name Size Class Notes Original Price ($) Links:-
Generations: Power of the Primes
Liege Maximo & Skullgrin   Prime Master      
Bludgeon & Quintus Prime   Prime Master      
Bomb-Burst & Megatronus   Prime Master      
Octo-Punch & Solus Prime   Prime Master      
Skrapnel   Legend Rerelease of Generations Skrapel. Based on G1 Insecticon Shrapnel    
Cindersaur   Legend      
Battleslash   Legend      
Roadtrap   Legend      
Dreadwind   Deluxe Combines with Blackwing to form Dreadwing    
Blackwing   Deluxe Based on Darkwing. Combines with Dreadwind to form Dreadwing    
Cutthroat   Deluxe      
Rippersnapper   Deluxe      
Sinnertwin   Deluxe      
Blot   Deluxe      
Starscream   Voyager      
Hun-Grr   Voyager      
Rodimus Unicronus   Leader Black Redeco of Leader Class Rodimus Prime    
Predaking   Titan Based on G1 1986 Predaking    
It is a world transformed. Where things are not as they seem. It is a world of the Transformers...A world of the Heroic Autobots and Evil Decepticons!
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