- G1 Smokescreen
- Reissue Smokescreen
- BT Smokescreen
- Alternator Smokescreen
- MP Prowl
- TFP Smokescreen

Strength: 4
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 7
Endurance: 5
Rank: 6
Courage: 8
Firepower: 6
Skill: 9
Function: Tactician
Motto: "A look can be deceiving; a touch can be lethal.
Note: C10 MIB, purchased 2013

Good at diversionary tactics to divide and isolate the enemy. On the battlefield he protects the Cybertron’s strategy by leading the enemy astray; even in close conversations with friends he adopts a poker face. However, he is charming and affable and trusted by his peers. In vehicle mode he emits a thick black smoke which is attracted to metal.

Photograph Links (click the following to view):

Front of box
Back of box
Collectors Coin
Robot mode
Robot mode with jamming launchers
Back of robot mode
Robot mode posed
Close up of robot head
Robot mode with weapons
Robot mode posed with disruptor rifle
Robot mode aiming disruptor rifle
Vehicle mode
Vehicle mode alternate angle
Back of vehicle mode
Vehicle mode with disruptor rifle
Vehicle mode with jamming launchers
Vehicle mode with all weapons