- G1 Smokescreen
- BT Smokescreen

Strength: 4
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 8
Endurance: 6
Rank: 6
Courage: 8
Firepower: 8
Skill: 9
Total: 58
Function: Diversionary Tactician
Transformation: Subaru Impreza WRC 2004
Note: C10 MIB, purchased 2004

Earths Defence Cybertron team facing the situation of being outnumbered by the enemy, was saved by the introduction of the new technology "Geneotronic Translink". Implemented with this new GT system, Smokescreen is now an upgrade of his Binaltech form. With GT, he is able to Tap into his "spark" and replicate the same spark into several copies. This ability has allowed as many as 4 Smokescreens to be in action at the same time. However GT is still an experimental technology. Studies have shown that it has affected the Transformers' vital activity as well as creating an unbalance on the robots physique. At this time, the extent of these side-effects have not been conclusive. Due to the urgency of the situation, the team has no choice but to implement the GT system into the battlefield.

Weapons: Electron Disruptor Rifle, Blaster Launcher

Photograph Links (click the following to view):

Front of box
Back of box
Robot mode
Robot mode with gun
Robot mode with missile launcher
Back of robot mode
Vehicle mode on stand
Front of vehicle mode
Back of vehicle mode
Bonnet open
Boot open
Front of vehicle mode side doors open
Back of vehicle mode side doors open
Front of vehicle mode all doors open
Back of vehicle mode all doors open
Vehicle mode with missile launcher



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