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Transformation: Dodge Ram SRT-10
Motto: "A warrior finds honour only in the destruction of his enemies."
Condition: C10 MIB; purchased 2006

For years, Dr. Arkeville has laboured during his rare free moments in a laboratory hidden even from his Decepticon allies, as well as the prying eyes of Concurrence agents. He has painstakingly built this shell with his own hands, made out of parts pilfered from Decepticon repair lockers over a period of months. It is the most powerful of the Binaltech bodies created: a near perfect melding of robot technology, Earthling construction and miniaturization techniques, enhanced with the improvisations of one of Earth's most brilliant technical minds.

The plan was hatched years ago when Arkeville had the opportunity to remain close to Optimus Prime long enough to acquire a near-complete scan of his programming using a subspace-impulse cloner of his own design. Years of hacking since has brought Arkeville to a level of understanding of Transformers programming decades beyond any other on Earth. Housed within this deadly shell is a near complete clone of the great Optimus Prime, reprogrammed as a tool of destruction and a scion of command. If Megatron cannot be trusted to destroy the Autobots and leave Earth in his hands, then Arkeville will provide the Decepticons with a leader more than fully capable of doing so. His Nemesis Prime is more than a weapon; he is the ultimate military commander - ruthless, efficient, calculating and above all wise. He is a consummate warrior, a perfect fighter, a victory engine.

Just one thing only remains: to provide a motive force, that thing the Transformers refer to as a Spark. Recent experimentation with the subspace displacement technology of the Autobot Translink Project has revealed an extra-spatial power source of unheard of proportions. Linking this power source to his creation should be a simple matter of constructing the appropriate subspace conduits. And once this is done Nemesis Prime will rise, and all who stand against him will be laid waste.

Photograph Links (click the following to view):

Front of box
Back of box

Robot mode
Robot mode with gun
Close up of robot head
Back of robot mode
Vehicle mode
Back of vehicle mode
Close up of number plate
Vehicle mode all doors open
Back of vehicle mode all doors open



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