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Transformation! Henkei! Transformers!

# Name Western Name Notes Original Price (Yen) Links:-
PP-01 Micronus     800  
PP-03 Vector Prime     800  
PP-04 Dinobot Slash     1458  
PP-05 Windcharger     1458  
PP-06 Beachcomber     1458  
PP-07 Autobot Jazz     2800  
PP-08 Rodimus Prime     6804  
PP-09 Optimus Prime     6804  
PP-10 Alchemist Prime     800  
PP-11 Dinobot Slug     2800  
PP-12 Dinobot Swoop     2800  
PP-13 Dinobot Snarl     2800  
PP-14 Dinobot Sludge     2800  
PP-15 Dinobot Grimlock     4500  
PP-16 Moonracer     2800  
PP-26 Elita-1     4500  
PP-27 Optimal Optimus     6804  
PP-32 Alpha Trion     800  
PP-34 Autobot Tailgate     1458  
PP-35 Autobot Novastar     2800  
PP-36 Inferno     4500  

# Name Western Name Notes Original Price (Yen) Links:-
PP-02 Liege Maximo     800  
PP-17 Dreadwind     2800  
PP-18 Blackwing     2800  
PP-19 Starscream     4500  
PP-20 Quintus Prime     800  
PP-21 Terrorcon Rippersnapper     2800  
PP-22 Terrorcon Cutthroat     2800  
PP-23 Terrorcon Blot     2800  
PP-24 Sinnertwin     2800  
PP-25 Terrorcon Hun-Grrr     4500  
PP-28 Solus Prime     800  
PP-29 Battleslash     1458  
PP-30 Roadtrap     1458  
PP-31 Predaking     25000  
PP-33 Shrapnel     1458  
It is a world transformed. Where things are not as they seem. It is a world of the Transformers...A world of the Heroic Autobots and Evil Decepticons!
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